Preventive Codes : D1000-D1999

The most common reason why patients come to the office is to get a check up and cleaning. It’s recommended every 6 months to have a recall appointment. It’s good because the hygienist can take a look at your teeth and make sure everything is okay

Dental Prophylaxis (Means Cleaning Teeth)

D1110- Prophylaxis Adult [ It removes plaque, stains from structures in the permanent and transitional dentition. D1120- Prophylaxis Child As you can see there are two different kind of cleaning. One for the adult and one for the child. These two codes are important to remember because this will be the most common reason why the patients are coming to the office.

D1208- Topical application of fluoride [It depends on the type of insurance you have. Sometimes you can have fluoride only if your under 19, it may have an age limit. Or the patient can be charged and billed for it if it’s not covered. If the patients want it then let them know it may cost.

D1351- Sealants ~ Per Tooth [ seal to prevent decay]

D1353- Sealants repair ~ per tooth

D1510- Space Maintainer – Fixed Unilateral

D1515- Space Maintainer – Fixed Bilateral

D1520- Space Maintainer – Removable unilateral

D1525- Space Maintainer – Removable bilateral

D1550- Re-Cement or rebound space maintainer


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