Dental Restorative Coding


D2140- Amalgam one surface, primary or permanent

D2150- Amalgam two surfaces, primary or permanent

D2160- Amalgam three surfaces, primary or permanent

D2161- Amalgam four or more surfaces, primary or permanent

RESIN- Based Composite Restorations

D2330- resin based composite one surface

D2331- resin based composite two surface

D2332- resin based composite three surfaces

D2335- resin based composite- four or more surfaces

D2390- resin based composite crown, anterior

D2391- resin based composite one surface, posterior

D2392- resin based composite two surfaces, posterior

D2393- resin based composite three surfaces, posterior

D2394- resin based composite- four or more surfaces, posterior

Gold Foil Restorations

D2410- gold foil one surface

D2430- gold foil two surfaces

D2430- gold foil three surfaces

InLay/ Onlay Restoration

D2510- inlay metallic one surface

D2520- inlay metallic two surfaces

D2530 inlay metallic three or more surfaces

D2542- onlay metallic two surfaces

D2543- onlay metallic three surfaces

D2544- onlay metallic four or more surfaces

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