BILLING AND CODING | Start A New Career Today! Earn A Good Salary

Want a new career that pays a decent salary? Start billing and coding and earn a good paycheck! You can work in a doctor office or hospital. You can get your foot in the door by starting an entry level job like becoming a receptionist! It’s very rewarding and I hope you find the job of your dream!

Start by looking for a certificate program. Go to your local college and take up a course. That’s exactly what I did! I wanted a job that I work long term and I wanted to take up a trade so I paid for my medical billing and coding classes. It was kind of expensive but I can say that It was worth it because I knew nothing about it so I was trying something new. In total I paid around $3,000 for my classes and books. I enjoyed learning something new at the class but I was missing something. I didn’t have any experience and I was looking for a job but it was hard. I didn’t want to be a failure and I wanted to achieve something so I continue my class. It continued for about 3 months and I was happy because I finished my classes and received a certificate for it. I’m still working on my medical billing and coding certification but I know one day I will pass it and become successful. At times I wanted to give up. At times I wanted to quit but I know one day I will pass and I won’t give up! I pray to god to help me endure and stay strong. Billing and coding is a wonderful career to start I wouldn’t give it up for anything else.



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I love write inspirational and positive post to help people find happiness and comfort. I love to sing and write music. I love to write about my experience with health and beauty. Im genuinely happy learning affiliate marketing.

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