BILLING AND CODING | Start A New Career Today! Earn A Good Salary

Want a new career that pays a decent salary? Start billing and coding and earn a good paycheck! You can work in a doctor office or hospital. You can get your foot in the door by starting an entry level job like becoming a receptionist! It’s very rewarding and I hope you find the jobContinue reading “BILLING AND CODING | Start A New Career Today! Earn A Good Salary”

Dental Restorative Coding

D2000- D2999 AMALGAM RESTORATION D2140- Amalgam one surface, primary or permanent D2150- Amalgam two surfaces, primary or permanent D2160- Amalgam three surfaces, primary or permanent D2161- Amalgam four or more surfaces, primary or permanent RESIN- Based Composite Restorations D2330- resin based composite one surface D2331- resin based composite two surface D2332- resin based composite threeContinue reading “Dental Restorative Coding”


Preventive Codes : D1000-D1999 The most common reason why patients come to the office is to get a check up and cleaning. It’s recommended every 6 months to have a recall appointment. It’s good because the hygienist can take a look at your teeth and make sure everything is okay Dental Prophylaxis (Means Cleaning Teeth)Continue reading “DENTAL PREVENTIVE CODING 2021”